• Naxvomica 30-1 drops, Merck Cor 30-1 drops, Attista Radix 3X - 2 drops, Epicac 30-2 drops, Opium Q - 4 drops, Aqua-2 oz. Mix them all. These are two units. In this way, giving four doses daily can cure all types of dysentery. • Attista Radix 3X - 1 drop, Eagle Marmalase 3X - 1 drop, Sugar of Milk - 5 grains - mix them. This is a quantity. Giving one or two quantities of water daily helps to relieve dysentery. • Opium Q - 1 drop, Eagle Marmalase Q - 5 drops, Holarina Anti Q - 5 drops, Aqua - 1 oz. - Mix them all. Giving three times daily helps in relieving each type of dysentery. • Epicac 30-3 drops, Chaparo Aramergoso 6-3 drops, Merck Cor 200-2 drops, Sugar of Milk-20 grains - all of these. These are four units. Giving four doses daily helps in relieving each type of dysentery.

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