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dyspnoea ddx CT chest done diagnosis anterior mediastinal mass teratoma surgical excision done HP report attached follow up x chest done complete excision of mass no residual lesion seen thanks all for participating in case



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anterior mediastinal mass HP mature cystic teratoma

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Ant Mediastinal mass. DDs Aortic aneurysm Hydatid cyst Lymphoma Teratoma

A posterior mediastinum mass seen on X- ray chest and doesn't seem to be a pulmonary mass. D/D - Neurogenic tumour Hydatid cyst Sarcoidosis Lymphoma

Sharp outlined homogenous lobulated opacity at left parahilar region obliterating the corresponding cardiac border. Hydatid cyst left upper lobe. Adv-CT scan.

Large round non homogenous lesionalong the aortic knucle ?Aneyureusm ?? Malig mass ??Fungal ball lying posteriorly

Rounded opacity left parahilar region Trachea pushed to right ?Aortic aneurysm ?? Hydadid cyst of upper lobe of left lung CECT THORAX

anterior mediastinal mass HP mature cystic teratoma

Round opacity in lt mediastinum D/d 1 malignant tumor 2 aortic aneurysm Adv 2decho

Kindly proceed with a cect thorax

Posterior mediastinal mass, does not look like aortic aneurysm, margins well defined , trachea shifted to right

Hilum ovely sign anterior mediasternal mass

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