Dysuria (Strangury)

Indroduction- Dysuria means having difficulty in urination. In this disease, urine does not come out in motion (flow), but coming drop-by-drop. The patient feels burning sensation and pain in his urinary pipe while urinate. Sometimes urine is suppressed and if it is not treated on time, the condition of the patient becomes worse. Dysuria occurs due to exposure to cold, gonorrhea, stone of the urinary bladder and swelling of the prostate, etc. In women, it is due to move away the uterus from its original place.             For the treatment of dysuria, Spirit of Camphor, Cantharis, Copaiva, Apis, Terebinthina, Clematis and Borax, etc. are chief drugs in homoeopathy. Drugs used in dysuria:- 1. Spirit-camphor- If a person has suffered from dysuria suddenly, give him 2-3 drops of Spirit of Camphor immediately after adding in sugar at an interval of every 10-10 minutes. It provides relief in disease soon. 3. Cantharis- In the case of dysuria, the patient feels cramping or cutting pain while urination, after and before urination; at the time of urination, he feels as if urine is coming out like hot liquid; feels burning sensation in the urinary pipe while urination; the patient has desire to urinate again and again and feels as if little urine is remain even after urination; urination is not clearly but drop-by-drop; blood also comes in urine with the feeling of burning sensation and pain; in this disease, pain and burning sensation goes on occurring from the urinary tube to the kidneys, etc. Therefore, using Cantharis 6 or 30 is very effective in such symptoms. 4. Copaiva- This drug acts particularly on the mucus membrane and cures the disease. So, this drug is used to cure any type of disease related to the mucus membrane of the urinary tube. If pain and burning sensation occurs in the urinary pipe at the time of urination, urine comes out drop-by-drop, the front part of the urinary tube becomes swell, feeling urination again and again, feeling as if little urine remains even after urination, etc., taking Copaiva 3 is very useful. This drug cures symptoms, but not generates. Copaiva is especially very useful in dysuria of women.     5. Apis- In the case of urinary disease, if the patient has no ability to hold urine in the urinary bladder and feels to urinates after coming even little urine in the bladder, feels pain and burning sensation while urination, having desire to urinate again and again, sometimes blood comes with urine or concentrated urine comes, feels pain like sting in the bladder while urination, etc., using Apis 3 or 30 is very useful.   6. Apis-met- If swelling comes in the hands and legs or kidneys or in the reproductive organs with the feeling of violent burning sensation at the time of urination, etc., Apis-mel 6 should be taken. 7. Aconite- If dysuria occurs in a person due to exposure to cold dry air or dew, Aconite 3x should be given to him. 8. Terebinthina- If the patient has suffered from dysuria and having difficulty in urination with waist pain too, urine mixed with blood comes, urines drips as drop-by-drop, feels pain and burning sensation at the time of urination, Terebinthina 3 should be taken. This drug is also used in the condition of coming sweet smell and odour like medicinal plant from urine. 9. Clematis- If urine comes haltingly, urine starts again to come out after suppression at the time of urination, sometimes the patient feels urine violently, but urination is in little and after a while, he again feels urine violently, urine goes on dripping drop-by-drop, etc., taking Clematis 3 or 30 is appropriate. This drug is also very useful in gonorrhea. 10. Borax- If a child cries before and at the time of urination, he/she has suffered from dysuria. When this disease occurs in a child, he fears from urination, because he/she feels fast pain and burning sensation while urination. Therefore, Borax should be given to that child. Sometimes this disease also occurs due to stone of the bladder. If a child has difficulty in urination due to stone, Sarsaparilla or Lycopodium can be needed. If a child has difficulty in urination due to inflammation of the bladder, using Aconite, Cantharis or Petroselinum, etc. is very effective. Notes:- If a person feels burning sensation while urination, Cantharis 3 should be taken. If a woman feels burning sensation while urination; she should take Copaiva and Eupat-Purf 3x. Taking Bell 2x, Apis 3, Capsicum 6 or Petroselinum 1 is very useful in the condition of having difficulty in urination due to nervous disease.

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