Inverted nipple

what is best and fast effective treatment for inverted nipple

Inverted nipple treatment at home Place your thumbs on either side of your nipple. ...Press firmly into your breast tissue.While still pressing down, gently pull your thumbs away from each other.Move your thumbs all around the nipple and repeat. Nipple retraction can be a congenital (present at birth) condition as a normal variant in some women. In other cases, it may arise as a result of disease or trauma. Any condition that causes inflammation or scarring of the tissues behind the nipple may cause the nipple to pull inward.
Hoffman’s technique: This consists of exercise for drawing out the nipple. Index finger and thumb is placed around areola and pressed. That causes the nipple to point outward. This exercise is repeated on multiple occasions. Suction devices: These represent a noninvasive way to draw out the nipple. Plastic surgery - several different varieties are present
Take 5 ml syringe,cut it from the narrow side(I mean where needle is attached, insert the plunger of the syringe from this side & suck the from smooth surface it will come out but u have to keep on repeating before the infant is fed.But permanent cure is surgery only.
Nipple retractors Nipple extractors Niplette Surgery.
Niplette,a new instrument corrects the defect without the need for surgery. Other suction devices are breast pump ,nipple shield for lactating mothers
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Hoffman's exercise.