Miliary lung shadow with lbbb cause??

Female pt 44 year admit in covid suspect icu with c/o breathlessness cough no other history given as attender no available


Bilateral ground glass appearance of both lungs. Diffuse fibroreticular infiltrations, Cardiomegaly ECG NSR, Low voltage complexes, sinus tachycardia, LBBB Probably COVID pneumonia
Ecg NSR LAD Low voltage complex LBBB. CXR shows bil diffuse parenchymal reticulonoduler infiltration possibly Koch's or ILD. Needs CECT thorax and sputum examination ECHO CD and CAG.
Ecg LBBB X-ray bilateral pathcy infiltration Covid (until proven otherwise)
It looks like covid pulmonary lesion. Ecg sinus tachycardia .partial lbb.