World Asthma day, 5th May 2020

Asthma is one of the major non-communicable diseases. Severe uncontrolled asthma is an expensive disease. It cannot be cured but appropriate management can control the disorder and enable people to enjoy a good quality of life. Research shows PERIOSTIN plays a big role in asthma management. What is your opinion on this?


PERIOSTIN also known as POSTN or osteoblast specific factor- 2 has a role in asthma and type 2 inflammatory responses and it is involved in many aspects of asthma like eosinophil recruitment, airway remodeling, development of a Th 2 phenotype and increased expression of inflammatory mediators. LEBRIKIZUMAB is humanized monoclonal antibody and an experimental immuno suppressive drug for the treatment of asthma that cannot be controlled by inhalable steroids It has successfully completed a phase 2 clinical trial for treatment of asthma. Lebrikizumab blocks interleukin- 13 , a cytokine that is produced by a type of WBC called Th2 cells. IL- 13 is thought to induce the expression of another signaling protein , PERIOSTIN , by epithelial cells of bronchi. Periostin, in turn seems to partake in a number of asthma related problems such as bronchial hyperresponsiveness, inflammation, activation and proliferation of airway fibroblasts, which are involved in airway remodeling. Patients with high periostin levels responded significantly better to lebrikizumab which are
Thankful for the detailed answer of the new research product.

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Never heard of it.will like to know about it.
Nice to know.
Nice post
Yeah it is effective in Asthma but it has great efficacy to treat cancer.
I think these are newer drugs, Have they trielled, or theoritical?
Nice .... Good CME information
Nice to know
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