M32. Headache 8days. Please read the PNS x-ray.


DNS to left.Rt maxillary sinus haziness + Bilateral hypertrophy of inferior turbinates +
Deviation of nasal septa to left Haziness in rt maxillary sinus
Dns left.. maxillary sinus haziness rt.
DNS to left Right maxillary sinusitis
Right maxillary sinusitis. DNS Left
Its a case of maxillary sinusitis.
Rt maxillary synusitis
DNS towards left with inferior bilateral turbinates hypertrophy. Haziness of frontal sinuses s/o sinusitis Mucosal hypertrophy left maxillary Antrum
DNS left. Hypertrophic Inferior turbinates, Right maxillary sinus is hazy.Acute sinusitis?
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