Open discussion , about Reinfected for Covid ??

Positive test for recovered viral infection patients are not reinfection. it's not reactivation. It is actually part of the healing process. patients declared recovered who later test positive for the disease are still expelling dead lung cells rather than getting a new infection. For other coronaviruses such as SARS, immunity lasted from a few months to a couple of years.
Possible different strain of virus may be affecting of corona but antibody may help to recover
Antibodies produce in previous infection may be help to recover
Neither it is reinfection nor reactivation ,it is a relapse because no vaccination or no specific treatment is given to the pt ,he is recovered due to formation of antibodies ,which may last for short time actually we are not fully understand. Secondly some new strains are there and produced positive result.
Infact reactivation or again positive test only suggest pt is carrier and can transmit hence to look at him as a fresh case Yes i agree with dr Sandeep Ghodekar for his explanation

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