18 months old boy. having severe itching and these eruptions specially over the face and neck from 6 months and his parents too having tenea corporis. he went through antifungal treatment bt recurrence is there. ur opinion pls



First of all, the treatment of the parents must be done as one may get the skin infection of Tinea through contact also. Ask the parents for the symptoms like polyuria, bed wetting, polyphagia for juvenile diabetes also. The nutritional value in the diet must be increased. Local application of gandhak oil/ dadrunashak oil for itching. Khadir churna BD with khadirashtak kwath in 1/4 dose than normally given. Facial involvement and pattern must be re-evaluated for early childhood psoriasis. Hygiene is an important factor and nails must be cut on time.
Foremost, get the child's serum insulin levels checked and parent's blood sugar work up. Maintain hygiene. Ask them to apply tea tree oil diluted with 50% water on the affected area, not to apply anything else locally. Homoeopathic medicines do help to clear it up, consult one for a complete case taking and medicine.
Aristhadi oil for local application and hygiene
Allergic dermatitis
Psorinum 1 m s.d
It is a tenea infarction so use topical antifungal and internal homeopathic medicine like cal.carb and tellurium and same for parants
Laxirid syrup of dabur 5ml od Prurinol syrup 3ml bd Asana eladi taila for ext application
What about the Routine Investigations? @Dr. Sujata Sontakke
Everything is within normal limit sir .....
Allergic dermatitis Constitutional homoeopathic treatment may helpful
sulpher morning time 0/2 bd one spoon half cup of water twice a day
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