32YF, chest pain , mild cough 20days

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Rotation of xray to rt Yes round opacities in rt lower zone and lt hilar area and haziness lt basal area With prominent bronchovascular markings bilateral Opacities are canon ball D/d 1 mets of primary elsewhere 2 sos tubercular
Thanx dr Sandeep Ghodekar
B/L basal infiltration with round shaped opacities With haziness seconderies lungs PTB Fungal infection Ad cect lungs Sputam exam
Tnx sir

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Bil reticulonoduler parenchymal infiltrating shadows seen. Rounded opacities seen inbil lower zones. Adv CECT thorax.
Rotation + Bilateral basal infilteration with round opacities CT thorax /sputum for AFB ? Metastasis lung ?? Pulm TB
Left cp angle obliterate B/L lower lobe round shape opacity With haziness CECT chest
Agree with Dr Sunila Arya Mam