Chronic alcoholism & hypertension

52/y/o male with K/c/o Hypertension taking atrovas and aspirin tabs since 2 years H/o chronic alcohol consumption from past 20 years but from past 3 months he has been trying to give up alcohol. C/O sudden slurry speech, anorexia, nausea and sometimes feeling of feverish with body ache. Appetite reduced Thirst increased Mala incomplete evacuation Jihva sama



As @ Dr. Twara Aashish that In Case Of Alcohol Withdrawal Symptoms. Management with Medication & Counseling.
Dx: Alcohol withdrawal syndrome Management is important in such cases.
These are just the symptoms after withdrawl of an adfictive substance. This patient needs counselling and he should be motivated to leave alcohol.

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Its better to suggest Rehabilitation Center in Chronic case of Alcoholism.... Its difficult to handle withdrawal syndrome without professional support
I agree
Alcohol withdrawal symptoms Brahm rasayan 2tsf bd with milk
Proper Counseling n with should be manage...
Alcohol withdrawal syndrome.No need of any medications.
पहले शराब पीना छोड़ दो।
Alcohol withdrawal
Nux vomica/30 TDS
Nux vom30/tds
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