What can be the managment of too much sweating in our daily OPD what medication should be given

Is too much sweating due to overcrowded patients or anxiety or hyperhidrosis.?. Sweating persists throughout the day or in OPD only. Rule out hyperthyroidism and menopause . Treatment is 1) Psychological counseling 2) Antiperspirant drugs like Aluminium chloride . 3) Nerve depressants. 4) Oral Anticholinergic drugs like Glycopyrrolate, oxybutynin and Propanthalene bromide. These are effective drugs to control hyperhidrosis. But keep their side effects in mind such as dry mouth, insomnia and blurred vision. 5) Iontophoresis 6) Destruction of sweat glands by microwave, laser and ultrasound. 7) Anxiolytics 8) Surgery is the last option. 9) Treat hyperthyroidism if it is the cause for it.
Madam How to use aluminium chloride?

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Drink ORS and Plenty of water,