74 yo male c/o chest pain since 3 days kco htn dyspnoea taking amlodipine 5mg 1od tab deriphylline 1 bd bp 110 80 p 98 spo2 97


More investigations Echo TMT or Angio
RsR' pattern in V1.....rest normal ECG
Normal rhythm, no ST/T wave changes
Acute ant wall STEMI
Ecg wnl
Send routine investigation... with trop I .. bnp...c X-ray... 2d echo... treat as ACS with NSTEMi... may require CAG
ECG. RBBB. QRS.AXIS is on 80 degrees.. Otherwise basic ECG is normal.
rSr pattern in v1, v2 Otherwise normal No ST-T CHANGES please take cxr, ECHO
Sr stop deriphylline it can aggravate tachycardia and ischemia
Ecg wnl keep under observation and repeat ecg
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