Psychosomatic Disorders :-

The term psychosomatic refers to real physical symptoms that arise from or are influenced by the mind and emotions rather than a specific organic cause in the body (such as an injury or infection).  A psychosomatic illness originates from or is aggravated by emotional stress and manifests in the body as physical pain and other symptoms. Depression can also contribute to psychosomatic illness, especially when the body’s immune system has been weakened by severe and/or chronic stress.  A common misconception is that psychosomatic conditions are imaginary or "all in the head.” In reality, physical symptoms of psychosomatic conditions are real and require treatment just as any other illness would.  Unfortunately, effective treatment doesn't always come in a timely or effective manner. The pervasive social stigma attached to psychosomatic illness may prevent someone from seeking treatment.1 Even when someone does seek treatment, stigma is also present in research and medical communities,2 at least in part because the mechanisms that drive the stress-illness relationship are not yet fully understood.  Symptoms You may not have thought much about the unique ways stress manifests physically, but it can be helpful to learn how to recognize when you are under extreme stress. Once you identify the signs, you can work on reducing the effect stress has on your health.3  While it sounds like a complicated undertaking, there are actually some simple ways you can determine if you are overly stressed.  @#cap Admin Ayurveda



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