Abdominopelvic pain & a palpable mass

A 72 y/o postmenopausal and nullipar female presented with abdominopelvic pain and a palpable mass in the right lower quadrant from 3 years. There was no history of surgery or medical illness. Per abdominal examination revealed a mobile hard pelvic mass in the right lower quadrant. Abdominal ultrasound examination showed a 15x10x8cm, hyperechoic, solid mass in the right lower quadrant. X ray of the abdomen showed a radioopaque mass in the same area. CT was performed. Please give your valuable opinion on the case.


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This is ovarian mass Ad biopsy for diagnosis Take out full mass by surgery
Ovarian mass should not be biopsied
72 yrs postmenopausal with abdominal mass chances of malignancy very high .after investigations surgery can be planned with oncosurgeon
Mustakaristha 2tsp twice a day.sanjeevini vati 1 tablet twice daily for 1 week.Ample water , buttermilk and pomegranate juice.
Ovarian tumor suspected to be malignant advised ovariotomy and histopathology onwards
Melignency is the first and high suspection. Proceed accordingly for investigation.
Post menopausal woman with a pelvic mass likely to be a ovarian mass ? Malignancy
Bowel. ? Ovarian calcified
Overian Tumor. ?
ca endometium

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