18 year old girl presented with a verrucous lesion which appeared as a small lesion 6 years back which grew to its present size. It started to wither in last 6 months associated with itching. 1. Diagnosis 2. Differential diagnosis 3. Treatment


it may be seborrheic keratosis. DD melanoma. to confirm do a biopsy. if not melanoma then u can go for cryosurgery/ electro surgery/ curettage. Usually SD are harmless, need no treatment. Runs in families. It may be present or develop in other part of body.
I agree with with Dr Ashok Biopsy is essential to establish the diagnosis of seborrhoeic keratosis. Differential to be looked at is Melanoacanthoma Treatment Done for cosmetic reasons Retinoic Acid 0.1%gel applied in the crevices helps in clearance in this case. Curretage, electrosurgery as suggested by Dr Ashok.
Sir how would u differentiate seborrhoeic keratosis from hyperkeratotic actinic keratosis?
better to do biopsy first based on result extent of excision can be decided
Biopsy is advised to avoid any consequent trouble.
biopsy needed. dd melanoma, Seborrhoeic keratitis
Advised biopsy,
can be melanoma
History of Hyperkeratotic verrucous nature with withering is against melanoma

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without biopsy we can't tell
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