Healthy 45yrs old male patient,c/o continues hiccups for 2 days,what is the diagnosis & management?


Tab Liofen(10)- BDPC 5 days. Tab CPZ(25)- 2 tab stat. Then 1 tab ODPC 10 days. Cap Rabium DSR-1 cap ODAC 10 days. H/O - Psychiatric illness to be ruled out. D/D: ARF Phrenic nv irritation. Severe gastritis. Ascitis Investigation: blood for Hb TC DC and ESR Urea Cr FBG PPBG USG of Whole abdomen
Recurrent hiccups D/d 1 gastritis /hyperacidity 2 diaphragmatic irritation or spasm 3 renal causes uraemia 4 diabetic DKA OR CKD 5 cardiac herat burn or IHD
Thanx dr Jagjit Singh

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Hiccups May be uremia. Phrnic nerve paralysis. Abdomina bloating. Ascitis. Mediastina tumor. Massive splenomegaly
Xyelocaine viscous 2 tsf tds is drug of choice Rabesac D SR 1 bd Mucaine gel 2 tsf tds Tab Ativan 1 mg hs
Hikkantank Ras Trikatu churan Kanakasav Sheetal jal se mukh parishek
Hyperacidity case proceed with antacids go for GI endoscopy
Here are causes Uraemia or ARF Phrenic nerve paralysis Asitis Mediastinal tumour Massive spleenomegaly Severe gastritis
Hyperacidity case First need investigation GI endoscopy
Start with syp.Sucrafil o If it is not subsiding go for Upper GI Endoscopy
Agreed with Dr.Shivraj A