A 62 year old male came with discomfort in mouth due to presence of hair since 6 months. H/o Oral cancer and underwent resection and construction with radial forearm flaps. How to treat this case?


Important though rare side effect of reconstruction surgery in oral cavity is persistent hair growth in the recipient site due to intact hair follicles. Hair growth in the transplanted site may be due to the dominant nature of the underlying skin.
It happens frequently. We advice to the patient will be hair removers regularly and they will reduce over time. laser usage is not advisable as it may lead to flap loss . patient might need radiotherapy in the future to the site, so hair removal with creams is the best option till then. in extreme cases , depithelisation of the flap is the only option.
Hairy Intra oral flaps is a rare side effect following Reconstructive surgery & grafting for oral cancers, due to the presence of hair follicles on donor flaps.Rx : Preventive epilation of hair of donor flaps by laser/trimming
laser hair removal is the best solution. radial forearm is hair bearing. sometimes this happens
Nothing to do It will modify in oral mucosa Hairs will go and loose
Nice case doc ...plz keep us updated with this case if possible...
Rare side Effects
@Dr. Partha Sarathi Sahana sir, @Dr. Anuj Kumar sir, @Dr. Narayana S sir, @Dr. Chandrasekhar Lakkoju sir
It is normal. Will improve with time. May use laser
Pt can undergo laser hair removal intraorally.
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