Dear Friends and colleagues presenting you a very interesting case of My Family member who is suffering from CKD and BPH for last 1 yr. tried lots of medicines but no satisfactory results. Urologist suggested To do TURP but not willing so. they lastly came to me. the Surgeon told them this is due to excessive painkillers intake before. I STARTED my homeopathic treatment and just within 5 days creatinine goes down. with decrease in all Urinary Symptoms and difficulties. The remedy selection done on causation and modalities. No mental symptoms required. Nit acid 200/4 doses. with sabal Q 30 DROPS TID.


Good results sir. Actually both kidneys are normal. The CM is well maintained no pathology is in kidney. If the prostate gland hypertrophy is recovered then this patient will be better soon. Congratulations sir!
Drug abuse (analgesics) Kidneys inflammation. Prostate. Prostate enlargement. Pulse 200one Dose.? Pl refer phatak reportery Sir
Keep it up @Dr. Akshay Ingole Sir! Analgesic Nephropathy with BPH ?
Prostate gland. Enlarged, swell...... Pulse B. Boger repertory page619 Sir.
Congratulations @Dr. Akshay Ingole Sir
@Dr.A.K.Srivastava. Nice done. Congratulations.
Good...pls tell me treatment u given to PT?
Excellent sir Thank u sir for sharing.
Good effort... Well done doctor
Very interesting case sir
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