A seven day old neonate in critical condition having bilateral palpebral edema , purulent discharge and a cystic swelling bellow left eye... Diagnosis ? Management ?

7 days baby bilateral Dacrocystitis with localised abcess and surrounding cellulitis left eye ldo not take it lightly .nasolacrimal duct canalizations occur at one month age. You must take paediatrision advise for dose &type of antibiotic to be effective and safe so there may not be residual scarring interfering in drainage
Congenital dacrocystitis with lacrimal abscess with acute mucopurulent conjunctivitis Dx E/d Tobramycen 4 hrly for 7 days E/ o Tobramycen HS for 7 days Hot compression on lacrimal abscess region BD
I have used fresh ly prepared BenzylPenicillin drops is neonatal mucopurulent conjunctivitis with great response , considering critically ill neonate I would also consult a neonatologist for general line of treatment . Your views please ?
Congenital dacryocystitis with ophthalmia neinatorum,treatment topical moxiflox eye drops,lacrimal massage over sac area
a lacrymal sac abscess due to dacryocystitis.! Antibiotics with drainage of the abscess is the suggested treatment.
Needs antibiotics drops with proper cleaning and may be probing is needed only after consulting with anesthetist
Sepsis in neonates need admission and I v antibiotics. Better to take neonatologist opinion too
Drainage and treated with amoxiclav for 7 days with ciplox drops and nasolacrimal massage
Prulent conjunctivitis b/l ,dacrocystitis with abscess led nasolacrimal duct
Congenital dacricystitis wth lacrimal abscess le
CNLDO ..requires urgent NLD probing
Is condition m probing Karne p fistula banega...so.no urgency ... first treat it medically..

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