Swelling over tragus of rt ear from 3days Pain, tenderness, fever, Chief Complaints Tragus swelling, fever, earache History No h/o major Illnesses



Dr Ranjit Kumar Poriya Homeopathy Spot Picture Since Diagnosis For Patient Ear Abscess, Rx inj TT. Heper Sulp 200 X2day. Puas out *Silicia 200 X bd 3day.only.

Otitis externa

Bell 200 Heper sulph 200

Garlic pod at night...raw ginger, decoction of lemongrass ginger haldi crushed pepper..inhale... alkaline diet waxolve

Welcome and thanks Doctor

Rx Belladonna 1m/3dose Hepar sulph 30 tds for one week


Dr Praful Yadav ji कृष्ण मलहम का लेप करें । कांचनार गुगुलु कैशोर गुगुल डोज ऐज के अनुसार तय करे

Belladonna 30 qid Ferrum Phos 6 X qid

Patient age

48yr age, male pt

inj. Tetvac. I'm Not mentioned patients age. So Tab.Dolokind plus bid for 5 days. Tab.Moxikind cv 625mg for 5 days. Tab.Rantac 150 mg.

Correct sir

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