Early transmission dynamics in Novel corona,virus- infected pneumonia

A trial was published in THE NEW ENGLAND JOURNAL OF MEDICINE " with title ' EARLY TRANSMISSION DYNAMICS IN WUHAN, CHINA OF NOVEL CORONA VIRUS- INFECTED PNEUMONIA ' on 26 th March 2020 . BACKGROUND- The initial cases of novel corona virus ( 2019 - nCOV ) infected pneumonia (NCIP) in Wuhan, Hubei Province, China in December 2019cand January 2020, we analyzed data on the first 425 confirmed cases in wuhan to determine the epidemiological characteristics of NCIP METHODS - We collected information on demographic characteristics, exposure history and illness timelines of laboratory- confirmed cases of NCIP that had been reported by January 22 , 2020 .We assembled characteristics of the cases,and estimated the epidemic doubling time and the basic reproductive number . CONCLUSIONS- On the basis of this information, there is a evidence that human to human transmission has occurred among close contacts since the middle of December 2019 .Considerable efforts to reduce transmission will be required to control outbreaks , if similar dynamics apply elsewhere. Measures to prevent or reduce transmission should be implemented in populations at risk

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