Mother brought a child of one and half months c/o a swelling around umbilicus for ten days It is fluctuant non tender non compressible It doesn’t look like hernia Child is taking feeds but malnourished What is diagnosis and treatment

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It's para umbilical hernia ..n main cause is malnutrition ...bcoz of Rickets ..n weakness of muscle ..organ is prolapse it's hernia ...n it's non compressible than it's going to serious condition .mif not corrected early than it's also can be converted in to obstructing hernia also ..
Get a Ultrasound abdomen to done arrive at a diagnosis. With 10 days history unlikely to be a hernia . A cystic infra umbilical mass needs evaluation. If USG is inconclusive, MRI may be needed for definitive treatment I.e surgery
The swelling doesn’t look like umbilical hernia. Most probably it looks like umbilical tumour. Do USG of the results.CT is good but radiation in child should be avoided.If affordable MRI can be useful.
Thank you doctor
Deficiency in the in the poorly developed rectus abdominis.results in paraumbilical hernia likely to present as umbilical hernia in future.Wait and watch.
Excately true sir . N also ...examine for Rickets ...also
Deficiency in the poorly developed rectus abdominus. results in paraumbilical hernia likely to present as umbilical hernia in future. Wait and watch.
Para umbilical hernia Ultrasound abdomen to rule out small omphalocele
?Umbelical hernia Adv usg over swelling Paed surgen openion
It's periumbilical hernia Get pediatric surgery opinion
USG abdomen... ?? umbilical Hernia
Paraumbelical hernia
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