Dental related disease

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Due to irreversible pulpitis...where the intrapulpal pressure increases like anything from 6mm hg to 30-35 mm hg, and pulp being surrounded by a hard chamber... there fore the pressure on the small nerves is translated as pain only... that y the moment u drill a hole in the pulp the pain subsides due to release of shafers and Grossman
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If patient bites on something very hard then tooth can be tender on percussion. Secondly, rule out if any vertical split if present and thirdly,check for traumatic occlusion.
Vertical fracture Horizontal fracture Trauma from occlusion Acute reversible pulpits- biting on a hard object. This pain is acute but temporary and reversible
Periodontal pathology Boneloss Recession Due to poor oral hygiene maintenance
fracture or might be due to pockets

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