?Ecchymosis ?Patch over left side abdomen

60 year old male presented to OPD with complaints of dyspnea on exertion and gen body ache for which he visited cardiologist and his 2D Echo was done, which was normal This patch shown started fours days back and he stopped aspirin 3 days back from today History He had been taking Aspirin for quite a long while and he had been having such reddish coloured patches over different area of the bodies, happens and goes away on its own He has taken amlodipine 5mg in the past, and recently stopped allopurinol 100 too due to increased uric acid too Management I have asked him to continue to stop aspirin as of now, advised him to undergo lipid profile to assess the status Kindly give your views regarding this case


Yes antiplatelets are known to produce purperic patches Yes either lower the doses of aspirin or stop and shift on rosuvastatin which als has antithrombotic action and helps in antiplaque action

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Tnx Dr Shivraj Agarwal sir

Drugs with side effects affecting vision are often used in the treatment of skin disorders. The study evaluated principal groups of medicines ... drug rash or eruption is a type of drug reaction involving your skin. We'll go ... How to Identify and Treat a Drug Rash ... What are the differences between side effects and a drug allergy? then treatment RX Tab levocetrizine 5 mg od Tab azithromycin 250mg od Acylovir ointment used at bed time Calamine lotion use Bath keto soap Protection against dust particles and light sun light UV radiation cover the skin areas..

See his platelets and coagulation profile. Ice fomentation.

Echymotic patche Further evaluation is required for diagnosis and treatment

Drug induced . Aspirin. Echymosis. Multivitamins. Vitamin k . Vascular study.

Seems drug reaction ? LFT, antiallergic, Steroid mixed oint locally. Stop Aspirin for a time being.

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