This patient 45 years of age, smoker, presented with features of SVCO Syndrome.


Horizontal fissure pulled up Rt hilum enlarged A Sol with sharp margins probably due to mediastinal covering on it seen in rt para spinal area Golden s ring sign positive This mass is pressing upon SVC and causing obstruction
I agree with Dr G Harbilass

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X-ray findings suggest widening of superior mediastinum with both hilar accentuation and elevation of right dome and effusion in major fissure and other lung fields appear normal may go in favour of mass lesions like lymphadenopathy(lymphoma),Bronchogenic carcinoma.Further investigations like CTScan, Biopsy, Bronchoscopy,sputum examination which will guide the diagnosis and treatment
Right hilum enlargement Mass lesion make mediastinal obstruction
Right Hilar Mass.causing SVC obstruction
right hilar mass ; go for bronchoscopy
Rt hilar enlargement due to SOL . SOL causing SVCO. Rt side diaphragm is also pulled up ? Diaphragmatic palsy. Look for signs of Horner syndrome . CT guided FNAC from d mass for tissue diagnosis .
Rt side mass lesion with mediastinal deviation to oppasit side, there may be mass in rt main bronchus, bronchoscopy shd be done.....
Rt hilar mass/if the patient is affordable he can go for an ebus guided biopsy. ? adenocarcinoma.
Rt soded mass lesion with mediastinal shift to right, bronchoscopic biopsy shd be done
Ca Lung ; Medistianal Mass B/L Lymphnodes Collapse Rt Lung; Emphysemtous Lt Lung
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