Due to overeating, eating excessive and unnatural substances, drinking contaminated water, the body becomes airborne due to inability to get air and sunlight, blood disorders, staying unhygienic etc. Symptoms- Ejaculation can occur at any place of the body. In this, symptoms like burning, itching, pain, redness of skin, sometimes small rash appear on the diseased area. Water can also come from the diseased place. • Majorium 12X - Half Dram, Tellurium 12X - Half Dram, Hydrocotyle A0 12x - Half Dram - Mix all of these. Five drops of this mixture, mixed with half a cup of fresh water, should be taken thrice daily. Due to this, almost all symptoms of eczema like- itching, watery, skin redness, rash etc. are beneficial. • Skookum Chuck 2X - A Dram, Vaseline - An Aus - Mix them. This is the ointment. By applying it, there is benefit in chhajan.

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