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Eczema respond to graphitis

This itching eruption with discharge since 1 year.along with small boils around it. C/0 itching at any time with blackish crust. Dx and treatment . Young boy . Mild nature history of exertional headache with g.i.upset occasional. Sedentary life work on mobile shop.


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its a weeping eczema . responding to graphitis

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Advise not to scratch or peel it. Homoeopathic principles to be followed for treatment.

@necrobiasis lipoidica?

Rx Graphites

Thanks It means i m on rt way . I gave graphitis

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Hydrocortisone ointment locally Cetrizine,1bd Amoxicillin500 ibd Advise not to remove scab

Thank you doctor

its a weeping eczema . responding to graphitis

Graphitis 1m/3dose once in week

Thank u sir @@

Thank you for sharing this case

Merc can work well i think

Eczematous Dermatitis

Thank you doctor

फेरम फाॅस 1m

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