Can mother tincture be repeated 2 hourly??

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Pt has a 5.2mm urethral calculi....which is causing obstruction post void is 149cc and prevoid is 300cc..

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Please ask the question with details. How can anyone address your query without head and toe!!! My humble request please state complete query.
Pt is of urethral calculi 5.2mm.....causing obstruction....pre void is 300 cc void is 149cc...,

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Berberis vulgaris tincture bd is sufficient. Instead of two hourly repeating, lycopodium 6c weekly dose is better.
Depend on the severity n intensity of the presenting complain . well ,depends on the prognosis of the case dr...
It depends on which medicine is used and condition of pt.
Pt is of urethral calculi 5.2 mm

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Why not