Chronic mastitis treatment

Prognosis is doubtful but fallowing treatment is suggested Inj Bovizox3g i/v Can be repeated after 72hrs Inj Avil 5ml i/m for 3days Inj Ibugesic 10ml i/m Intramammary infusion of pendistrin SH for 3days Sanitary precautions must be taken in procedure of treatment COw floor area must be surprised Vit CAAnd zinc Co must be added in diet,
Go for CST of milk and then use appropriate antibiotics, flunixine, Trisodium citrate, potassium iodide(if fibrosis evident as seen in chronic mastitis). Support by galactagogues. Selection of right antibiotic holds key
What is the dose rate of trisodium citrate and ki Dr
Try marbofloxacin.. Repeat aftr 72 hours NSAIDS ANTIHISTAMINE S Trisodium citrate
Continue with 10 gm orally pot iodide