Precaution is better than cure


Correctly stated, He is the preserver of health and than a healer.
Yes ma'am
Ya "precaution is better than cure" it means that it is better to stop something from happening in the first place. we know that some diseases cant be cured completely and for some there is no treatement at all ... Like... Viral diseases and sexually transmitted diseases are hard to cure and once contacted, they can be life-threatening. So... it's better to take precautions. rather thn suffering... Prequation also helps into saving the money bcoz if severe dz is there thn definately dr prefer to admit u in hospital ....thn definatelly u hv to pay for it... So financially even loss is there .also ur family hv to suffered from this better to mindout that... Kindly Focus here -: How can u be safe... ... Maintaining hygienic conditions.Awareness about the disease and causal organisms.proper nutrition with balanced diet, clean food and water.Regular medical check up.Regular exercise....