Asthma by emotional disturbance

pt name Arshdeep c/o asthma pt complaints of rubbing nose during change of climate cough followed bydifficult breathing aml by only inhaler,since three yrs. redness of eyes breathing difficult from exertion. journey of disease. A/F abused by father, jealousy sympathetic art ability similimum prescribed was carcinosin 1M ,1 dose on5th may 2017 during the breathlessness . 10/5/17 reports that on that day he became comfortable,nd no inhaler reguired till 10/5 pl 16 doses ,BD 21/5/17 pl 16 doses,BD 28/5/17 pl 16doses,BD 10/6/17 breathlessness again, fight with father carcinosin 1M,1 dose with counseling on pl till6/7/17 again breathlessness on 6/7/17, advise pl dose in water, with counseling, better followed by 32 doses near about after a wk mild eruption s with itching,on pl, slowly better by itself.



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