COVID-19 case with URI symptoms

A 34-year-old female with a history of obesity, presenting with rapid encephalopathy and dyspnea over 36 hours - has URI symptoms for a week and had negative COVID testing as an outpatient 3 days prior. Urgently intubated, treated as ARDS with the higher PEEPs which we’ve come to associate with COVID lungs on the vent. Also had a component of cardiogenic pulmonary edema - newly found depressed EF to 36%, suspected COVID myocarditis. Positive testing on tracheal aspirate. What do you see on the x-ray?


Kinked rt IJV central line. RT ETT in situ. Cardiomegaly. Both diaphragms are raised possibly expiratory film. Prominent Pulmonary arteries. Bil diffuse parenchymal reticulonoduler opacities and heziness seen, Likely GGos. Findings sugg of ARDS./ Cardiogenic Pulmonary edema.
ARDS Cardiomegaly Pulmonary oedema Cardiac hypoxia Pneumonitis Myocarditis Lungs and heart functioning compromised to highest danger.
Thanks Dr Pushkar Bhomia

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GGOs bilateral lung pulmonary oedema Cardiomegaly with myocarditis This is becoming more and more clear covid is attacking heart Cardiac tissue hypoxia resulting due to cytokine strom pt lands in this situation Hence earliest thrombolisation will be helpful. In this case covid19 negative status landed in one week gap and hence present status. Yes we all are short of knowledge in present scenario and decisions are confused Anyway prognosis is poor but now problem is identified target the saeme Thrombolisation Diuretics Ventilation And relevant covid19 protocol
Thanx dr Pushkar ji Bhomia

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Cardiomegely.. Pneumonitis. Pulmonary oedema.. Cytokine strome causes Thrombolisation. Myocardiais.. Lungs and heart functionung are compromised to dangerous level.
Ards bilateral pneumonia suspected myocarditis2 decho covid test to be repeated
Thanks Dr. Pushker Bhomia

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B /L Pneumonitis ARDS ? Pulmonary oedema COVID infection
Covid19 in pulmonary.oedema with myocarditis
ARDS Extensive Pul oedema Cardiomegaly
Bilateral pneumonitis Pulmonary oedema ARDS Cardiomegaly Post covid १९ changes.
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