Vaginal itching & bleeding in a case of Stage IIB cervical carcinoma

56 y/o female with history of Stage IIB cervical carcinoma which was diagnosed and treated 8 years ago presented with complaints of vaginal itching and bleeding. Physical exam demonstrated a large, foul-smelling erythematous lesion on the right vulva, which was diagnosed as a well-differentiated invasive squamous cell carcinoma on biopsy. CT scan indicated a 1.6 cm thickening of the right vulva with possible involvement of the adjacent urethra. Slightly enlarged right external iliac and bilateral inguinal lymph nodes were also noted. What management would you suggest?


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PET CT should be done. Apparently looks like inoperable. Management protocol should be decided by oncologist
MRI. Abdomen chest. Radiotherapy. Chemotherapy. And supportive. ? Surgery
Chemotherapy and supportive as after consulting Oncologist
Oncologist can best decide