Epilepsy with Bilateral pitting edema

Male patient aged 40 years presented with complaints of pain in suprapubic region,and has history of holding urine for long period of time as he works in a very busy shop. His vitals are WNL O/E - Bilateral pitting edema present in legs No H/O HTN and DM Kindly note he is on antiepileptics sodium valproate and phenytoin in BD dose for last 20 years without any episode of seizure. Ordered a KFT, LFT, URINE RM, USG KUB. What could be probable differentials??

Pt is on anti epileptics ...oedema in ankle region due to anaemia Send CBC ps with retic count
Anaemia megaloblastic drug induced,venous incompetence,nephrotic syndrome
Get CECT BRAIN And T3T4TSH Too May be Renal pathology
Rtf,usg of abd.&urine rt & microscopic may require.
Stop sodium valproate