Patient complains of sudden onset pain in epigastrium region, retrosternal discomfort. ECG done. What is the diagnosis?


ECG is normal. You may give inj PPI and see if the pain subsides. Please repeat ECG after one hour if u think this could be of cardiac origin. Do consider other differential diagnosis of acute chest pain such as acute gastritis, GERD, acute pancreatitis, rupture of aortic aneurysm, acute pericarditis, costochondritis , acute pneumothorax , acute Pulmonary embolism, acute chest syndrome in sickle cell anemia etc. Please mention the vitals, age and gender of the patient.
ecg showing LVH, plz mention BP.high BP can have retrosternal chest pain.antihypertensive with anti anginal effect like ccb and beta blocker could help. if u have strong suspicion and or patient having cardiac risk factor, repeat ecg, get cardiac markers done as sometimes ecg take few minutes to show iscaemic changes. work out also on non cardiac pain differntial diagnosed like, GERD, muscular, acid peptic disease, hyperthyroid, anxiety.
st seems to be mildly elevated sign of either ischemia due to block or by hypertrophy go with trop t levels (will help to Dx)
Dr Kanika there is LVH inECG Your patient is hypertensive & non compliant with anti hypertensives.Check BP ;Pulse; O2 saturation Give Injection Pantaprazole IV &Injection Tramadol2ml+Injection Promethazine1ml IM Stat Tab Clonazepam .5 mg stat and keep the patient under observation;repeat ECG after one hour
1st of all u should mention the age & asoociated dieases condition Limb leads completely normal in chest leads qrs complex overlapping so can't find height of the qrs advise you to repeat chest leads at half standard so we can detect weather any hyperacute T wave in v2, v3?
Acute gastritis with Cholecystitis? USG CBD advice. Tab Rabeprozol 40 States Tab Dyclomine + Mefenamic+Paracetamol SOS. Mucaine MPS 2 TSF after meal. Refer to cardiologist for monitoring the Pt
normal ECG with lvh do cardiac enzyme Echo inj tramadol inj pantoprazole keep pt for observation take ECG after 2 hours
Normal ECG ... Repeat ECG ... keep under observation ... If no dynamic change .... Then can be released with ppi.
ecg is within normal limits pain may be due to gastric problem like gastrooesophyseal reflux or hitus hernia
ecg is normal tall r or deep s may be present in thin wall chest ^Gerd give inj ppl & tramadol
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