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4month female baby with birth history uneventful ..

Diagnosis and standard treaent ladder..only in ladder form.please not haphazardly I can follow for this patient stepwise ...


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Strawberry Heamangioma...... No need of treatment..... Regress itself
Hemangioma....increase upto 2years of age then regress by self...
It is congenital haemangioma usually not seen at birth but appear at 1-2 months of age of the baby. No treatment is required initially as spontaneous regression in size occurs in due course of the Any beta blocker ointment can be applied Inj sclerosing agent cuase reduction in size Later surgical excision or laser surgery .
Its haemangioma . How it landed directly in plastic surgery . Give propranolol start at a dose of 0.5 mg/kg/day in divided doses hike slowly upto 2 mg/kg/day . Give it after feeds . Look for side effects like bradycardia and hypoglycaemia . Avoid steroids.
Strawberry hemangioma.... It appears after the birth and disappears at the age of 5 -7 years. No treatment is required.
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Heamangioma. Start with propranolol 1 mg/kg increase upto 3 mg/kg for 6 mon Monitoring glucose and HR
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thank you all. thanks for ur valuable opinions
Strawberry angioma lasers treatment resolves
Please elaborate ..what laser and how many dosage ..that I know also
Typical Strawberry hemangioma Laser surgery
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