Coronavirus Disease 2019: COVID 19 Discharge Instructions

Coronavirus Disease 2019 (COVID-19) Discharge Instructions Coronavirus disease 2019 is also known as COVID-19. It is a viral illness that infects the lungs. It is caused by a virus called SARS-associated coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2). This illness was first seen in late 2019 in China and has spread across the world. The signs of COVID-19 are like the flu, and you may have a cough, fever, and it may be hard to breathe. It spreads easily through droplets with the virus when you sneeze or cough. The germs also survive on surfaces like tables, door handles, and telephones. That means you can become sick if you touch a surface with the virus and then touch your face. What care is needed at home? • Ask your doctor what you need to do when you go home. Make sure you ask questions if you do not understand what the doctor says. • Drink lots of water, juice, or broth to replace fluids lost from a fever. • You may use cool mist humidifiers to help ease congestion and coughing. • Use 2 to 3 pillows to prop yourself up when you lie down to make it easier to breathe and sleep Do not smoke and do not drink beer, wine, and mixed drinks (alcohol). • To lower the chance of passing the infection to others: o Wash your hands often. o Do not make food for others. o Stay home in a separate room, except to get medical care. o Wear a mask if you are around others who are not sick. o Use a separate bathroom if possible. What drugs may be needed? The doctor may order drugs to: • Help with breathing • Help with fever • Help with swelling in your airways and lungs • Control coughing • Ease a sore throat • Help a runny or stuffy nose To read more- Source- Wolters Kluwer, CDC, WHO


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