Effects of Inappropriate Empirical Antibiotic Therapy - A Study

Serious infections and sepsis can be taken care of with prompt and effective antibiotic therapy. Prescription of broad-spectrum regimens to all patients could lead to antibiotic resistance. Inappropriate empirical antibiotic therapy could lead to many effects including mortality. Please discuss your experiences on the same........



To discuss the empirical prescription is debatable In context of setups in our country and need of society i am sure 90%or more of practice is based empirical only as many reasons can be forwarded availability of facilities or economically not viable or pt is unwilling or clinician is afraid of loosing pt or unreliable reports from labs and so on and so on Hence empirical prescriptions though may not be ethical or rather unprofessional but need of society We have seen our large number of pt responds to empirical treatment very well and satisfactory though i am aware of resistant strains and risk of big bucks and septicemia and fatalities. Hence i donot advocate for empirical prescriptions but there is no escape in our setups.

Thanx dr Narendra Kumar

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Possible Every pt we can't do blood culture sensitivity Sputum culture and sensitivity Urine culture and sensitivity Pt was results so we have to choose broad spectrum Change 6 monthly antibiotics Atleast 3 day therapy

Judicious use of antibiotics can lead to resistance and disturb the flora of gut. Self medication is a major factor with physician prescribe antibiotics to get early and good result pt also have no time to wait to long for recovery and google physician works as major guildlines to pt.

Thanks Dr Shivraj Agarwal

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The empiric method of antibiotic selection makes use of this philosophy by using our observations of the patient (history, physical examination and laboratory test results) along with our past clinical experiences and the medical literature to scientifically select antibiotics But due to corona crisis the use of antibiotics have increased at a very faster rate. Before covid also resistance to antibiotic was a major concern. Patients and both doctors should start using antibiotic empirically to avoid further resistance

Empirical antibiotics therapy becomes sometimes essential specifically in serious infection and sepsis when results take time to come ,so to save the life of pt. But use of high and often costly antibiotics for all infections are futile and often harmful and led to development of resistant strain.So restraint on using empirical therapy must be required and basic drugs may be used for empirical therapy (which have both gram+ and-ve activity and use of others like penam group should be prohibited. Otherwise we will again enter into pre-antibiotics era when all antibiotics will be resistant.

Injudicious use leads to resistance and damages the normal gut flora which in turn leads to other complaints. What we have seen here is use of Homoeopathic treatment leads to lesser use of antibiotics over the years, as homoeopathic treatment not only solves the presenting complaints but also promotes the level of health of an individual. As a result the episodes of falling sick reduces and the overall benefits in health leads to improved life quality of the person.

Thank you @Md Altaf Hussain , @Dr. Narendra Kumar

In my personnal experience. Qualified doctors I. Hospitals clinics. What to talk of Quacks are using antibiotics In juciusly. And observing for last 40 years.

Imperical treatment is wastage of money,&. Always go for c/s and use full dose of antibiotic with prescribed dosage and for full duration which will show results time

Thanks ji Our Respected Curofy team for your valuable information...all pathies if they are to be used according to Karma's... have to be used judiciously..with their own ... enterprising s....a pathy can't be blamed if the person using it has no control over his brain balance..and uses it just as if having some sweets...plus in allopathy the nutrition before and after is a must...so rather than pathy the way and intensity of its usage following Doctors instructions is a must... thanks ji

Thanks ji Our Respected Dr.Saheb

Important topic Agree with result of discussion that inappropriate empirical antibiotic therapy could lead to many side effects including mortality. But practically in Indian setup especially in rural areas there is no way due to lack of C/S tests facility and Clinicians/Medical Practitioners are bound to use empirical antibiotics to save their pts life in short span of time taking risks of side effects. It's OK for advanced places with all types of modern medical facilities .

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