EGD shows multiple ulcers

Chief Complaint A 33 y/o female complains of sore throat with painful swollowing and chest pain. History She gives history of taking aspirin for 5 days for pain. No history of taking any other medication. Vitals BP 125/80 mmhg, HR 78 bpm, Resp 18 breaths/min, Temp 98.9°F Investigations HB 13 g/dl, hematocrit 45.1%, WBC 8.5×109/l, PMN 46%, L 45.9%, platelets 252*109/l. EGD shows various ulcers of around 25 cm. Biopsy report pending. Diagnosis What is your opinion? Treatment Advise management.



SORE THROAT Streptococcal infections Broadspectrum antibiotics like amoxyclav625mg 1bd with probiotics Or macrolides like azithromycin500mg With multivitamins supplements Gargales with betadine Ppis Mucaine gel suspension 2tsf tds Restricred diet in fractions and frequently More of liquid diet fruit juices icecreams chocolates etc Spicy junk and fry food should be avoided Blend diet rich in curd and milk

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Infective Pharyngitis.. Azithromycine 500 mg 1 tab OD.x 5 days. Chlorhexidine gargles frequently. NSAID. To controller GERD , add Pentaprozole 40 mg.+ Domperedone 40 mg...1 OD before milk.x 5 days. Warm water consumption.

Sore throat with painful deglutition usually due to tonsilitis or post oropharyngeal infection but these should not be associated with pain chest which may be due taking of disprin causing erosion oesophageal mucous membrane causing both painful deglutition and pain chest Needs clinical examination of the oropharyngeal cavity Antibiotic Betafine gurgle Mucaine gel 3-4 tag 6 hrly PPI Spicy food to be avoided.


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Throat ulcer Etiology : mostly bacterial staphylococci or streptococci Else candidiasis Tab moxikind Cc 625 bd Tab Azicip 500 od Tab solvin plus bd Tab b folcin plus bd Tantrum gargle Tab combo flame if require for pain Throat swab c/s sos

Recurrent mouth ulcers 1).arogya vardhani vati 2 bid, 2). 1/8 th kashayam of yesti madhu churan + guduchi churan for gargle and internal use bid dose. 3). irimedadi tail gargle twice in a day. 4)..Triphala guggulu 2bid. kama dudha mukta yukta 1 tid before food.

See dear u should have posted a endoscopy report to understand ur case.. location,size,width and depth of ulcer is important to understand the extent of damage it has caused to mucosal layers.. it could be in mm i dont think in cm as said above.even if it such higher size ulcer or multiple..likelihood of malignant seems.. meanwhile sore throat without fever,u could prescribe symptomatic therapy but not higher generation antibiotics which is to be careful. thirdly find out the cause of ulcer to such extent..multiple factors would be responsible: lifestyle,diet,aspirin addict,stress,obesity..etc..etc.. obviously for ulcer management u will needed antacids,h2 receptor bloclers but ppi would be modification would be important too. would love to get this biopsy report to see. kindly update nahi toh itna mehnat paani meii.

Thanks for ur appreciation dr partha sahana

Common cold with acid peptic disease Adv Cetrizine, pantoprazole, Azithromycin, paracetamol

Mouth ulcers. Aarogyavardhini vati, triphala churna, kamdudha ras, yashtimadhu Churna, lavangadi vati,tab Septilin, glycerine,b.complex..

Gastroesophagial reflux, infective cause, so treat with antibiotics, chlorhexidine mouth wash and PPI. Also send throat swab for SARS COV. Avoid spicy food,

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