Eight month old boy's mother told there is a small swelling in the glans and she is worried about it. what's the diagnosis and how can I guide her ?



It is case of BALANOPOSTHITIS ,It is inflammation of prepuce and glans..due to fungal bacterial or as a part of contact dermatitis .Phimosis is common finding rather physiological till 1and half year.if no complaints then circumcision can be postponed till age of 2 years.,if recurrent balanoposthitis or uti,urgent circumcision is advised. Treatment of balanoposthitis wash frequently and keep area dry, topical mild steroid with antifungal cream. Explain hygien

i dont see any posthitis element.. balanitis is definitely there near urethral meatus

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it is a carelessness from parents ,paraphimosis Apply antiseptic lotions and manually try to retract ,very much possible to open & become normal lastly circumcisions advice.

go for manual retraction of prepuce and apply antibiotic oint tab.mox cv kid bd ibugesic syp advise till full retraction is complete advisecleaning and hygine

small cystic swelling at urethral meatus.. appears to be inflammatory (urethritis).. may be traumatic.. prescribe oral anti-inflammatory, antibiotics according to weight and local soothing agent.. review after 7 days

It may be phimosis! Advice for circumcesion!

it is phymosis. surgical repair is the only option ie circumcision

It looks para urethral/ meatal cyst there is no phimosis circumcision is not required

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smegma collection with balanoposthitis. regular cleaning &antibiotic ointment application will do.after a month of treatment if not become alright then circumcision is the only option &treatment of choice

Insect bite.

1. papule on glans near meatus 2. phimosis

yep ! could b a small abscess
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