Elderly female presents with right sided chest pain and sob since 3 months. Differential Diagnosis ?



Operated case for some liver pathology.. Lung shows inhomogeneous shadow in the right lower zone.. Mild shift of cardiac shadow.. Lower chest shadow... may be metastases with Possibebconsolidation and associated effusion.. Right upper zone also shows soft shadows

yes sir..

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Severe AS(marked aortic kunckle) n rib cage fracture on rt side with rt sided consolidation with? subcut emphysema

hydropneumothorax,sc emphy

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D/D Pleural mesothelioma, Consolidation Rt side, Pneumonia, Alveolar Proteinosis, Subacute Emphysema, Hydropneumothorax, Cor Pulmonale, Pleural Effusion, Koch's, Pneumonitis, Pleurisy n Rib#, Rt Lung CA, Hemothorax Rt side, CA Breast spreading to lung.

This is a case of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma ( MPM) Biopsy dint reveal much. Calretinin positive.

infection : pneumonia. neoplasm: BAC. Sarcoidosis. alveolar proteinosis

right sided collapse consolidation due to loss of lung volume with high up diaphragm no mediastinal shift dd pneumonia with mucus plugging intra bronchial mass with collapse old fibrocavitatory disease with superimposed infection CT will give better picture

It can also be a maas lesion of primary lung origin..there is operative cut of the ribs in the right lower lung... Suggesting either a liver pathology or a primary lung tumor or a metastatic lung pathology...

The right side shows pleural effusion while the left side shows consolidation.

A breast Carcinoma with involvement of lungs needing cutting of ribs and spreading to lung is also possible

ryt lower zone mass lesion wit effusion... ryt upper lobe nodule too present.. erosion of ribs..mets... ct guided biopsy wil give definitive diagnosis.. can be adeno carcinoma...

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