elderly female with complains of back of heel pain for a year. diagnosis and management



- Calcaneal spurs and Retrocalcaneal spur - Plantar fasciitis and retrocalcaneal bursitis - Contrast bath - Streching exercise - Ultrasonic massage - Silicone heel pads and soft padding between back of heel and shoe - NSAID's - cortisone injections. If conservative treatments fail, surgery may be necessary.

Calcaneal spur. Rest,weight management,proper shoes for support during walk. Ultrasound and contrast bath to relieve pain. Faradic foot bath also effective. Toe curls in warm water ,strengthening ex's of intrinsic muscles of foot.

Bilateral synovial osteo chondromatosis Bilateral calcaneal spur.

Retrocalcaneal bursitis with plantar fasciitis Arthroscopic retrocalcaneal debridement if all the conservative methods are tried

Bilateral calcaneal spur

Retrocalcaneal bursa calcification on lt side Calcaneal spurs planter fascitis Calcification noted on posterior of the talus

It looks like a case of calcaneal spur ,one can only be sure after examination,if calcaneal spur than treatment is local injection of depomdrol 1ml + mixed with 2%lignocain gives wonderfull results.

Calcaneum spur tendofascitis tendoachillis

Bilateral calcaneal spur

Calcanial Spur - Planter fasciitis Retro Calcanial Bursitis Contrast Bath to heels, soft insole and raised heel foot ware, UST application and NSAIDS are the treatment.

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