Elderly male with Dyspnoea & Stridor

Chief Complaint A 61 y/o male presents with dyspnoea and stridor. He came in with resp distress and tachypnea. History He has h/o SC esophagial cancer. He is diabetic. Vitals BP: 100/70 mmhg, Pulse: 100 bpm, Resp rate: 20 bpm, Temperature: 100 degree F. Investigations ABG shows: PH: 7.27, Pao2: 66 mmhg, Paco2: 65 mmhg CT thorax shows distal tracheal stenosis. Bronchoscopy shows nearly total obstruction of tracheal lumen. Treatment How this case should be managed?


Bronchoscopic biopsy of stenosis part of trachea to rule out malignant infiltration .. Options Laser incision and tracheal dilatation Tracheal stent Resection of stenosed segment and end to end anastomosis IV steroids to reduce edema ,to gain time

Thank you, Dr Vipin Bihari Jain

Co2 narcosis with Respiratory Acidosis with ca of esophageal with tracheal stenosis Tracheal stenting done with Bipap support for Co2 retention with inj. Sodabicarb

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