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Emergency. Taking phenytoin 300 & oxcarbazine 300×2, not control. Status epilepticus type attacks, continuously occurring. How to treat. She is only 12 yrs old. MRI= No abnormality, EEG= B/L slow and sharp waves with bunch of spikes. Quick advise needed.



During the movements eyes are closed, flexion extension type of movements of the feet followed by up and down movements.Upper limbs also up and down movements.Movements looks like voluntary movements Status epilepsy is an emergency. The present movements there is an element of voluntary movements. Probably seizure with pseudo seizure. Ref to Neuroligist


Start with injected diazepam 10mg /kg or midazolam 0.15mg wait if no control can pheytoin or phenibarbitone injections...15mg / kg Or levetricetam...40mg kg... Protact physically injury... Last suctioning salvation and incubated...

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@Dr. B P Sinha Suggests Emergency tt Treat symptomatic and please provide detail history Thanks

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