Enlarged Prostate Gland

• Black Iod 3X - 5 Bund, Cantharis Q - 5 Bund, Astilego Q - 5 Drops - Globils - Mix them in a drum. Take five tablets of this thrice daily. By this, the growth of the prostate is cured and the pain during urination is removed. Urine should be thick or yellow - it also cures this symptom. • Conium 3X - 1 drop, Digitelis 6X - 1 drop, Staphysagria 30 - 1 drop, Chimaphila ambalata Q - 2 drops, Saibal ceruleta Q - 15 drops, Aqua - one aus - mix these. This is a quantity. Giving three doses daily helps in the growth of prostate gland. The urine released from this medicine also releases. • Climatis 3X, Saibal Sacruleta Q, Parira Brava 2X, Chamomilla 3X, mix all the medicines in half and half with a dose. Then take 5-5 drops of this mixture, mixed in a cup of water and take it thrice daily. This causes relief in symptoms like chronic prostate swelling, intermittent urination, burning sensation and pain while urinating. Diet - Do not use substances of cold nature. Complete celibacy should be followed.


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