• Chalidonium mezzus Q - 2 drops, Cardius marianus Q - 4 drops, Chionanthus Q - 5 drops, Natrum sulf 3X - 4 grains, Aqua-1 oz. Mix them all. This is a quantity. Three units should be given daily. • Kalkeria Ars 6-1 drops, Chelidonium Majus 3-1 drops, Carduos Meri Q - 4 drops, Kalamegh Q - 4 drops, Natrum Sulf 3X - 4 grains, Black Mur 3X - 4 grains, Aqua-1 oz. Mix them. These are four units. If the liver of children is very high, they should be given four doses daily. • Cardius meri Q - 5 drops, Chelidonium Q - 1 drop, Lycopodium Q - 1 bund, Podophyllum Q - 2 bund, Naxvomica Q - 3 bund, Leptandra virginica Q - 2 drops, Aqua - half an ounce. Mix them. This is a quantity. Giving three doses daily helps in the symptoms of enlargement of liver, liver inflammation, jaundice, constipation, burning sensation in the chest.

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