Enlargement of the Fiber Situated in Between Nose and Throat

Introduction:- When the fiber located in the back part of the throat where the respiratory tube meets becomes enlarge, the patient feels difficulty while taking breath (inhaling) from the nose. Mostly, this disease is found in the children. Due to this disease, physical and mental growths of the children are stopped and they start to become weak and thin. They become weak in study and are not able to understand any matter. For the treatment of this disease, using homoeopathic drug helps in proper physical and mental growth. In this disease, drugs like- Calcarea-carb, Calcarea-phos, Baryta-carb, Baryta-Iod, Tuberculinum, Hepar, Psorinum and Sulphur etc. can be used for the treatment.                     Treatment by different drugs: 1. Baryta-Iodide- Due to this disease, if mental growth of the children has stopped and tonsils have enlarged, Baryta Iodide 3x should be taken. 2. Baryta-carb- In the initial stage of this disease, taking Baryta-carb 30 is very useful. If the tonsils have enlarged in this disease, this drug should be taken. 3. Calcare-carb- If this disease has caused in fat and flabby child and he/she is suffering from other symptoms too like- sweating from the head and the legs at night, producing pus inside the ear etc., taking Calcarea-carb 30 to 200 is beneficial. 4. Tuberculinum (Bacillinum)- If a member of the family has suffered from T.B. and the children of this family have suffered from this disease, Tuberculinum (Bacillinum) 200 should be used for the treatment of such symptoms. This drug can be also used to cure Aidenoid. For the treatment of this disease, this drug should be used once in a fortnight (15 days). 5. Calcarea-phos- If a lean and thin child has suffered from this disease and the tonsils have enlarged, Calcarea-phos 3x to 30 can be given to the patient. This drug acts on the glands of the tonsils and the throat and cure disease. 6. Psorinum- If catarrh has caused and hard smell comes out and feels much cold etc., Psorinum 200 should be used for the treatment of such patient. 7. Hepar-sulphur- If pus has formed in Aidenoid patient, Hepar-sulphur 30 to 200 can be used. 8. Calcarea-Iodide- If the patient is feeling difficulty in breathing due to enlargement of the fibers related to the throat and the nose and several types of other symptoms have caused related to this disease, Calcarea-Iodide 3x is beneficial in the treatment of this disease. 9. Sulphur- If this disease has become chronic, Sulphur 30 should be used for its treatment. 10. Agraphis nutans- This drug acts better on Aidenoids. Choking the nose, enlargement of the tonsils, other diseases of the throat and the ear, additional secretion of mucus etc. thus, using Agraphis nutans 3 provides relief in this disease.

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