Epigastric pain

Pt male with age of 28 yrs old, complaints of nausea, fullness in abdomen from 2 days. No fever Appetite diminished Bowel not clear Chief Complaints Nausea, abdominal pain, regurgitation of food History H/o eating heavy meals 2 days before




Dear Dr. Dhanashri Kaware ma'am, Advice for the case. Tab. Kravyad Ras 2

Thank you @Dr. Vijay Yadav Sir.

Shanka vati.1tds. Vaishwanara churna 1/2tsp tid lukewarm water.

Consider Nux v

Dr Dhanushri Kaware ji शंख वटी 2 गोली चित्रकादि वटी 2 गोली सुबह दोपहर शाम भोजन से पूर्व Syr. Liv 52 2 tsf TDs

Agnitundi vati/ chitrakadi vati/ hingwastak churn/ ajmodadi churn/ shankh vati Shivashar pachan churn at bed time

You haven't mentioned modality. Carbo veg,cocolus,sulphur may helpful

Agnitundi vati 2tab bd,chitrakadi vati2tab bd Syp abhyaristha 20ml bd

Nux vom 200 in dilution form 5 drops in half cup of water tds

Suggest sod hydroxide suspension Walking after meals perday

Stannum Met 200 in the morning × 3 dose Nux vomica 30 TDs

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