Friends today I am discusing about #Epilepsy . #Epilepsy is a disorder of the nervous system which is characterized by the tendency of a person to have seizures. Seizure refers to the appearance of symptoms (depending upon the type of seizure) in a person due to abnormal and excessive nerve cell activity in the brain. The result is abnormal behavior and sensations, including loss of consciousness. There are a variety of seizures with different symptoms depending on the part of the brain involved. Homeopathy provides treatment for Seizures in the natural way. The completely natural homeopathic remedies for epilepsy are completely safe and have no side effects. These remedies are of great help in the treatment of Epilepsy. Natural Homeopathic Remedies for Epilepsy Epilepsy can be treated with homeopathy which helps treat acute fits as well as eliminates the tendency to have seizures. An inquiry is to be made regarding the type of seizure, aura, triggering factors, finding other causes and individual dominant symptoms in each and every case. The results of the Homeopathy vary in every case depending upon the duration and type of seizure. 1. Cicuta: Where there are Distortions of Body 2. Artemisia Vulgaris: For Epilepsy with Petit Mal Seizure 3. Stramonium: For Epileptic Convulsions Triggered by Bright Light 4. Cuprum Met: When Aura for Seizure Attack is felt in Knees 5. Bufo Rana: For Epileptic Fit during Sleep 6. Hyoscyamus: For Deep Sleep following Epileptic Attack



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